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e-Application for GA

e-Application for GA is now available! 


Steps to follow

  1. Click on related system link to go to the e-Application System.
  2. Create a user account if you are new to the System.
  3. Select “New Application” under “Application for Water Supply Pipes and Fittings Approval”.
  4. Follow the screens and complete information required (such as applicant particular, application items, product information, supporting documents, product catalogue and any supplementary information).
  5. You should have already appointed an accredited testing laboratory to conduct relevant testing for the product. Select that laboratory from the list in the System.  Complete the remaining steps and submitted this initial application.  The selected laboratory will be notified by an email with a system link to upload the test report to the System.  AFTER the laboratory has done so, you will be alerted by another email to login the system to review the test report.  If everything is in order, please submit this whole application.
  6. Your part is done. We will work on your application and inform you the result in due course.


For any questions, please call 3583 4086 or 2829 4495.  Thank you for using the e-Application System