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Voluntary Scheme in Enhancing Plumbing Works Control


To cope with the latest development and changes in the plumbing trade, the Water Supplies Department (“WSD”) has completed a review on the Waterworks Ordinance (Cap. 102) and Waterworks Regulation (Cap 102A) and has formulated a number of legislative amendment proposals.  The Registered Plumbing Contractor (“RPC”) system is one of the legislative amendment proposals being introduced.

While the legislative process on the amendment proposals is underway, WSD implements the RPC system in advance through administrative means to facilitate the trade to adapt to the amendment.  The RPC system has been packaged under a “Voluntary Scheme” as outlined below.  

The Voluntary Scheme

The Voluntary Scheme is implemented in two stages.  Stage 1 involves registration of plumbing contractors as RPC (Provisional).  Stage 2 involves the implementation of a site supervision team ("SST") for large-scale plumbing works by RPC (Provisional) with the option for the project proponent to engage an Independent Quality Checker for independent inspection of the plumbing works.

Stage 1 - Registration of RPC (Provisional)

To register as a RPC (Provisional), the plumbing contractor shall appoint the following two key personnel:

Authorized Representative (“AR”) and Designated Director (“DD”) 

For more details for the Registration of Registered Plumbing Contractor (Provisional), appointment requirements and qualification of AR and DD, please refer to the WSD Circular Letters No. Addendum No. 2 to 5/2021 


Approved list of Registration of RPC (Provisional)

A list of Registered Plumbing Contractor (RPC) (Provisional) provided below is for the purpose of facilitating the project proponents to identify the RPC (Provisional) and the corresponding Authorized Representative.

Any person accessing the list of RPC (Provisional) should not use the personal data therein for any purpose other than that specified above.  Any improper use of the personal data therein may constitute contravention of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.

Attention: Opening or accessing the list of RPC through the web link provided below is deemed to have read, understood and accepted the above conditions. 

Web link:  Approved list of Registration of RPC (Provisional) 


Stage 2 - Provisional of Site Supervision Team for Large-scale Plumbing Works

Starting from 1 August 2022, the Project proponents (i.e. applicant for new water supply) may choose to join the Voluntary Scheme.  After joining the Voluntary Scheme, the Project proponents need to engage PRC (Provisional) for carrying out plumbing projects.  If the plumbing project is classified as large-scale plumbing works, the project proponent shall require the RPC (Provisional) to provide a Site Supervision Team (“SST”) to carry out supervision throughout the construction of the plumbing works.  Moreover, for the purpose of streamlining the inspection procedure of the Water Authority, the project proponent may choose to appoint an Independent Quality Checker to carry out independent checking of the plumbing works.

For more details of large-scale plumbing projects, Provision of Site Supervision Team by RPC (Provisional) and Independent Quality Checker by Project Proponent, please refer to the WSD Circular Letters No. 3/2022