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Qualified Persons

Depending on the complexity of certain internal plumbing systems, qualified persons (QPs) such as building services engineers (BSEs), building surveyors (BSs) or licensed plumbers (LPs) are to be engaged as appropriate to help perform risk assessments including identification of areas where potential contamination of the internal plumbing systems may occur. WSD has organised a series of training sessions and workshops to equip the industry for providing such services and more such training will be organised by accredited training programme providers to train up more QPs. Please refer to the following link for a list of trained QPs:

The above list is managed by WSD and is updated on a half-yearly basis. QPs will be included in the list after completing the training sessions and assessments on WSPB. The training sessions on WSPB are organised by accredited training programme providers. Please refer to the following link for accredited training programme providers:

Besides, WSD organises training to relevant consultants and those who have passed the assessments are included in the following list of trained consultants. Those trained consultants can play the role of QPs.