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Customer Services Hotline

Our Customer Telephone Enquiry Centre provides 24-hour hotline service throughout the year. Through the use of touch tone telephones, customers can choose to speak to our Customer Service Officers (CSO), listen to pre-recorded messages and information, or obtain application forms, duplicate water bills and information on certain topics by fax. During office hours, enquiry on account-related matters and on-line application for consumership termination/change (for personal and domestic accounts) by speaking to a CSO can also be made. When requested by the Water Supplies Department, customers can report their water meter readings through the Hotline.

WSD Enquiry Hotline - 2824 5000.

Select Language

1 Cantonese
2 Putonghua
3 English
4 Other Languages

Select Services

1 Water Suspension and Plumbing Matters
2 Billing Matters
3 Giving Up and Taking Up of Consumership
4 Application Procedures and General Matters
5 Request for Forms
6 Self-reading of Water Meter
7 Report Water Overcharge of Subdivided Units
0 Transfer to Customer Service Officer

Frequently Used Keys (After you have been connected to the Hotline, please press)

Services Cantonese Putonghua English
To report water main burst 100 200 300
To report water supply faults
(e.g. no water supply etc)
101 201 301
To take up consumership 131 231 331
To terminate consumership 132 232 332
To check A/C balance and to obtain duplicate water bill
(Interactive Voice Response Service)
1211 2211 3211
To change mailing address
(Request for Form)
1243 2243 3243
To report hydrant leak
(Voice Mail Service)
113 213 313

Simplified Call Flow Diagram

Service Hours

Automatic Telephone Enquiry Service

Billing and Consumership Matters 24 hours
Water Supply and General Matters 24 hours

Operator Telephone Enquiry Service

Billing and Consumership Matters    
Mondays to Saturdays*   8:45a.m. - 6:30p.m.
Sundays and Public Holidays   Closed
Reporting Water Main Bursts, Water Supply and General Matters   24 hours

* Only simple enquiries can be handled on Saturdays, interactive guidance messages will be issued to callers by the telephone system as appropriate.

In order to serve you better, your conversation with our Customer Service Officer will be recorded for reference.