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WSD Mobile App

WSD’s mobile application has provided more than 400 districts for customer to receive water suspension notices of the selected Concerned Districts and QR codes for paying the latest bill

Our mobile application "WSD Mobile App" provides updated information including bill summary, reminder summary and water suspension notices to the public through smart phones.

“WSD Mobile App” provides Fast Payment System (FPS) QR code for paying the latest water bill. Customer should use any mobile banking application or e-wallet that supports Government QR code bill payment to scan the FPS QR code. Alternatively, by presenting the QR code after the selection of “Convenience Store QR code”, customer can pay the latest bill by cash at any 7-Eleven, Circle K Convenience Store or VanGO Convenience Store in Hong Kong. Customer can also select among more than four hundred of districts to receive water suspension notices of the selected Concerned Districts.

You are welcome to download the mobile application free of charge at the following links.

Download Android Version

Get WSD Mobile App on Google Play. Download from our website

Download iOS Version

Download WSD Mobile App on the App Store.

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