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Total Water Management Strategy

Plan and Manage Water Resources

TWM booklet

The Total Water Management Strategy (the Strategy) promulgated by the WSD in 2008 has mapped out the strategy for a balanced supply and demand of water to ensure water security and support sustainable development in Hong Kong. The Strategy puts an emphasis on containing the growth of water demand through promoting water conservation and exploiting new water resources.

The Strategy focuses on two major areas, namely water demand management and supply management. On water demand management, one of the initiatives is to enhance public education on water conservation. Other initiatives include promoting the use of water-saving devices, enhancing water leakage control, and extending the use of seawater for toilet flushing. As regards supply side management, apart from strengthening the protection of water resources, we have been actively exploring new sources of water supply including seawater desalination, water reclamation, grey water recycling and rainwater harvesting.

Strategy Review

The Strategy has been contributing to water security for Hong Kong since its implementation. Building on our achievements to date, we embarked on a comprehensive review that would be completed in 2019 in order to ensure water resilience. The scope of this review comprises evaluating the effectiveness of the Strategy under implementation, forecasting the long-term water demand and supply up to year 2040, seeking for new water management initiatives and adjustments to the existing measures if necessary.

Existing Water Resources

Currently, Hong Kong has a 3-pronged water supply system, comprising rainwater from local catchments, imported water from Dongjiang in Guangdong and seawater for toilet flushing, respectively accounting for 21%, 57% and 22% of the total water consumption of 1,292 million cubic metres in 2018. With these three water sources, Hong Kong has been enjoying reliable water supply over the years.


New Water Resources

To better prepare Hong Kong for the challenges of climate change and increasing demand for fresh water due to rapid population and economic growth, and competition for water resources in the Pearl River Delta region, we have been striving to exploit new water sources which are not susceptible to climate change, including desalinated water, reclaimed water, recycled grey water and harvested rainwater.