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Registered Agents

The Water Supplies Department (WSD) is committed to provide a reliable and adequate supply of wholesome potable water and sea water. To enable consumers to enjoy quality fresh water and sea water inside their buildings, registered consumers and registered agents are encouraged to properly maintain their internal plumbing systems and thus create a healthy environment for water consumption. Regular checking of the plumbing system can identify and rectify small defects before they develop into major problems.

Maintenance Responsibility

Maintenance of Water Tanks

The quality of drinking water supplied by the WSD fully complies with the Hong Kong Drinking Water Standards. Nevertheless, the owners, registered agents and management offices must consistently maintain the fresh water plumbing systems of a building at a high standard to ensure good quality of drinking water at consumers’ taps. For precautionary purposes, the registered agents and management offices should clean the sump tanks and roof tanks regularly according to the Routine Cleansing Procedure for Fresh Water Tank in order to prevent accumulation of dirt or rust etc. which may lead to discoloured water.

Tackling Leakage in Communal Service in Housing Estates

If the management office suspects or is informed by WSD that there are signs of leakage in the communal pipes of a housing estate as indicated by the master meters of the housing estate, they should conduct investigation to locate the leaks and carry out rectification works as follows:

If necessary, consult the Water Supplies Department (WSD) for technical advice on step tests and engagement of leak detection specialists. The following "Reference List of Local Service Providers which have provided Leak Detection Service under WSD's contracts", and "Guideline on Leak Detection on Underground Communal Service of Housing Estates", are provided below for information.

Please find the relevant slides here with more details on this matter (only Chinese version is available).

Quality Water Supply Scheme for Buildings

Proper Use of Fire Fighting System in Buildings

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