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Licensed Plumbers

Pursuant to Section 14 of the Waterworks Ordinance (WWO), a person must not construct, install, alter, or remove a fire service or inside service unless the Water Authority (WA) has granted a written permission for it. A person who contravenes the above requirement commits an offence. The WA may grant the written permission on the Authority’s own initiative or on the application of a licensed plumber*. Besides, Section 15 of the WWO stipulates that, a person who is not a designated person# must not carry out the construction, installation, maintenance, alteration, repair or removal of a fire service or inside service (i.e. specified plumbing works).

The WA may waive the requirement of permission under Section 14 of the WWO in the case of alterations to a fire service or inside service which are, in his opinion, of a minor nature. Moreover, under Section 15 of the WWO, a person who is not a designated person may carry out specified plumbing works if the works are alterations or repairs to a fire service or inside service that are, in the opinion of the WA, of a minor nature.

It is in the interest of the consumer/agent that in case of doubt to notify the WA of his intention, so that the WA can give advice to the consumer/agent.

*A licensed plumber is a person licensed under the Waterworks Ordinance (Cap. 102) to construct, install, maintain, alter, repair or remove fire services or inside services.

# “Designated person” means:

  1. a licensed plumber;
  2. a registered plumbing worker;
  3. a registered plumbing worker (provisional);
  4. a person who carries out specified plumbing works under the instruction and supervision of a licensed plumber or registered plumbing worker; or
  5. a public officer authorized by the WA.