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Date Title
2018/10/19 Public Consultation on Supply of Recycled Water in Hong Kong
2018/06/11 e-Bill Service
2018/06/08 Treasure Our Water Do Not Contaminate
2018/03/29 Roving exhibition of Floating Solar Power System Photography Competition Winning Entries
2018/03/06 Ma On Shan Water Treatment Works Open Day 2018
2017/12/01 Enhanced Water Quality Monitoring Programme
2017/11/14 City Dress Up Programme: WSD Mural Project - 《點‧滴‧承傳》
2017/10/03 Floating Solar Power System Photography Competition
2017/09/21 Action Plan for Enhancing Drinking Water Safety in Hong Kong
2017/07/25 Enhancement of Control of Inside Services’ Construction and Installation
2017/07/17 Water Conservation
2017/07/17 Water Loss Management
2017/07/17 Total Water Management
2017/06/08 Conversion to Seawater for Flushing
2017/05/23 Water Saving Tips
2017/05/23 Recreational Use of Service Reservoir Roofs
2017/04/21 Climate Change
2017/03/31 Revision of 4 Standard Fees and Charges for Valve Operation with effect from 31 March 2017
2017/03/06 WSD Waterworks Welfare Fund Committee Lottery 2017 Results of Raffle Draw
2017/01/16 Water Use Tips
2016/10/27 WSD Mobile App
2016/09/09 Facebook Fanpage of "Water Save Dave"
2016/01/23 Cherish Water Campus - Pledging Ceremony
2015/12/27 Quality Water Supply Scheme for Buildings - Fresh Water (Plus)
2015/12/17 Tips for Using Wall-mounted Dispensers
2015/12/04 Study Report on Wall-mounted Dispensers
2015/12/03 Hotline for Enquiry on Water Supply
2015/10/31 Report of the Task Force on Investigation of Excessive Lead Content in Drinking Water - Executive Summary (Chinese Only)
2015/10/31 Report of the Task Force on Investigation of Excessive Lead Content in Drinking Water - Full Report
2015/09/25 FAQs related to wall-mounted kettle
2015/09/01 Hong Kong's Water Supply - Reducing Lead in Drinking Water
2015/09/01 Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP)
2015/06/03 Commemoration Ceremony of 50th Anniversary of Dongjiang Water Supply to Hong Kong, Roving Exhibition and Commemorative Video
2014/12/10 Application for e-Bill Service
2014/01/01 Voluntary Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme
2014/01/01 Tseung Kwan O Desalination Plant
2014/01/01 Water: Learn & Conserve - Teaching Kit for Liberal Studies