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Facebook Fanpage of "Water Save Dave"

Water Save Dave

Water Save Dave Facebook Fanpage has been launched! Being the Water Supplies Department's mascot, I certainly possess the DNA of WSD. Guess what?

I wear a pair of shorts bearing a W form, and my belly button is "S" shaped. See my mouth, doesn't it look like a "D"? Yes, these are the initials of the Water Supplies Department - WSD.

Besides, there is a water-drop sensor on my head reflecting my cherishment of every single drop of water. When I encounter anything related to water resources that makes me feel perplexed, such as why a dripping tap is not repaired, my sensor will turn into a question mark shape. Also, I am committed to promote "water conservation" and "cherishment of water resources." You are most welcome to LIKE and SHARE my Fanpage!

My fans gathering, "Water Conservation Week 2016", will take place on 17 - 21 November 2016 at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, where a wide range of activities will be hosted. Come to the Week, join hands and "Save Water We Can" together. For details of "Water Conservation Week 2016", please visit my fanpage - Water Save Dave Facebook Fanpage.

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