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Refixing of Water Meter

Application for refixing a meter will be required usually when there is a change of occupancy of a premises and the meter has been removed at the request of the previous registered consumer for termination of supply.

When applying for refixing of a meter, you should complete and return to the Water Authority Forms WWO 542 either by mail or in person at any of our Customer Enquiry Centres.

If necessary, inspection to your premises will be conducted to check whether the plumbing installations are complied with the Waterworks Regulations. If they comply, demand note for the refixing fee and water deposit will be issued to you to settle. After the payment is confirmed settled, the meter will be refixed.

If the plumbing installations are found not complying with the Waterworks Regulations, modifications of plumbing installations will be required. You will be informed in the approval letter to employ a licensed plumber to submit proposals by completing Form WWO 46 for our vetting and approval before commencing work.

Please ensure that the licensed plumber will report to the Water Authority the completion of works by using Form WWO 46 , so that an inspection can be made. After the modification works are found satisfactory and payments of the refixing fee and water deposit are settled, refixing of meter will be carried out.

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