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Payment Methods

You may pay your water and sewage charges or water deposits by the following ways:

  1. Autopay

    Autopay is a convenient and easy way to pay water and sewage charges, but this method is not applicable to payment of initial water deposit. Water and sewage charges will only be debited against your bank account on the payment due date. You may also set a limit for each payment. To arrange for autopay service, please download an authorization form WWO 1054 and return the completed form to your bank for processing. The form is available at any of our Customer Enquiry Centres and District Offices. You may also get a copy by calling our WSD Enquiry Hotline. Alternatively, you may approach your bank for the autopay arrangement.

    Since the processing of autopay application will take some time, please continue to pay your water and sewage charges by other payment methods until an autotpay date and amount are shown on the top right hand corner of the water bill. Upon closing of your water account, it is necessary for you to inform this department to cancel the autopay authorization. You may download the form Cancellation of Direct Debit Authorization for Payment of Charges issued by the Water Authority and return the completed form to WSD. To safe guard your own interest, you must cancel the autopay arrangement with your bank.

  2. Automatic Teller Machine

    You may pay water and sewage charges or water deposits by using an Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) with either a logo of 'JETPAYMENT' or 'BILL PAYMENT SERVICE'. Payment made before midnight on the due date will be regarded as on time. Please keep the receipt as proof of payment, if required. ATM cardholders may contact their banks for more details.

  3. PPS (by phone, Internet or mobile application “PPS on Mobile”)

    You may pay water and sewage charges or water deposits by using PPS. To begin, simply bring your ATM card or credit card with ATM function to any nearby PPS registration terminals to open a PPS account. After registering your water account and deposit account via phone (call 18011) or Internet (ppshk.com), you can pay your bill through phone (call 18031) or Internet (ppshk.com). The merchant code of WSD is '08'. You can pay up to three times a day for each water bill charge number.  Payment made before midnight on the due date will be regarded as on time. Each successful payment will be confirmed by a Payment Reference Number.

    For payment by the mobile application “PPS on Mobile”, you are advised to press here for information before making payment.

    For further enquiry about PPS, please visit ppshk.com or call PPS 24-hour information hotline on 900 00 222 329.

  4. Faster Payment System (FPS)

    You may use any mobile banking apps or e-wallet that supports Government QR code bill payment to scan the FPS QR code printed on the water bill to make payment. Payment made before midnight on the due date will be regarded as on time. 

    You may also take a screenshot of the FPS QR code on the e-bill, the page of “Enquiry of Latest Bill” under “Electronic Services Delivery” and/or the page of “Payment” on WSD Mobile App, and import the image from photo album to mobile banking apps or e-wallets (Note) to proceed with the payment through FPS.

    For further details about payment by FPS, please refer to our poster, leaflet, Treasury’s website - FPS and/or Hong Kong Interbank Clearing Limited (HKICL) website.

    Note: Most mobile banking apps and e-wallets which support government bill payment through FPS using QR code allow the importing of images. The QR code scanning function provided by individual mobile banking apps or e-wallets may vary. Please contact your banks or e-wallet operators for details.

    Please note that handling charge may be imposed by e-wallet operator(s) on bill payment through individual e-wallet(s), and this handling charge shall be borne by the consumer. Please contact your e-wallet operator for details.
  5. Through Internet Banking

    You may pay water and sewage charges or water deposits through Internet. For details, please visit Treasury's website - Internet Payment.

  6. Pay by Phone Banking
    For details of payment by Phone Banking, please visit Treasury's website - Phone Banking.

  7. e-Cheque / e-Cashier’s Order

    e-Cheques / e-Cashier’s Orders should be made payable to “The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region” or ‘The Government of the HKSAR’.

    Please visit the “Pay e-Cheque” portal, select Water Supplies Department and the appropriate bill type, enter the account number, payment amount and upload the e-Cheque / e-Cashier’s Order to make payment. For details, please visit The Treasury’s website.

    Instruction for e-Cheque / e-Cashier’s Order payment given before midnight on the due date is regarded as on-time payment.

  8. By Post

    You may send in crossed cheques made payable to "The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region" by post to the Director of Accounting Services at PO Box 28000, Gloucester Road Post Office, Hong Kong together with the Postal Payment Slip, i.e. the lower part of the water bill. The postmark date will be regarded as the date of payment. Please ensure sufficient mailing time and postage to make delivery in order. Underpaid mail will be rejected. Please note that NO receipt will be issued. Please do not send cash or post-dated cheques.

  9. In Person

    You may bring along your water bill to pay water and sewage charges or water deposits at the following locations. Please retain the receipt for payment record.

Location Mode of payment
1 Convenience Stores in Hong Kong (consumer can also present the QR code provided by WSD Mobile App for payment)
  • 7-Eleven Convenience Store
  • Circle K Convenience Store
  • VanGO Convenience Store
  • U select
(Maximum limit for each transaction is HK$5,000.)
2 Post Offices
Please visit Hongkong Post's website or call their enquiry hotline at 2921 2222 for address of post offices and their opening hours.
Cash or cheque

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