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General Application

Before applying for a separate/individual meter, please check with a licensed plumber to see if the cost of installation work is acceptable to you. Application for separate/individual meter for flushing supply to premises currently fed through a communal flushing supply meter will normally not be considered.

It may be possible to provide a separate/individual fresh water meter for a flat in a building served by a communal meter, if you

  1. appoint a licensed plumber to work out proposals that are technically feasible; and
  2. obtain agreement from the management office for any alterations necessary to the building and for the modification of the present communal water services.

It should be noted that separate metering of premises through a sump and pump system are usually difficult and expensive but not impossible. If you wish to proceed independently, it will be necessary for you to install a separate sump and pump system for the supply to your own flat. Such an installation, even if technically feasible, could be very expensive. It is probable that the cost to you of plumbing modifications would be reduced if you can arrange with your neighbours to apply collectively for separate meters, one meter for each flat in the block.

For application, you should submit Form WWO542 together with the corresponding plumbing proposals for Water Authority's approval. If the licensed plumbers have already been engaged at the design stage of the plumbing proposal, you may also request your licensed plumber to submit the list of pipes and fittings intended to be installed (through WWO Form 1149) at this stage together with the plumbing proposal and Form WWO 542.  These proposals will be studied, and should it be necessary you will be asked to have them modified. Please note that plumbing work must NOT commence until the proposals have been approved by the Water Authority in writing.  Before proceeding with the works under the approved plumbing proposal, your licensed plumber is required to submit Form WWO 46 to apply for the permission of the Water Authority.  Form WWO 1149 should also be submitted together with Form WWO 46 if such submission has not been made.

You should employ designated persons to install all pipework and fittings for the supply of mains water.

When the plumbing work has been completed, your licensed plumber should inform the Water Authority with Form WWO 46. Mains supply will be connected when the plumbing work has been inspected and found satisfactory, and after you have paid the water deposit and the charges for the connection work and meter installation.

For more details of the Pilot Scheme for Installation of Separate Water Meters for Subdivided Units , please refer to the web sites below:-

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