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Performance Targets and Achievements

2017/18 Performance Targets and 2016/17 Achievements

Daily Water Supply Services

Services 2017/18
Fresh water quality (at connection points) 100% compliance with World Health Organization (WHO) Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality (2011) Target achieved
Salt water quality (at connection points) 96% compliance with WSD Water Quality Objectives Target achieved
Supply pressure
- fresh water supply 15 - 30 metres i 100%
- salt water supply 15 metres i 100%
Response time for attendance to fault complaints
- fresh water supply fault ii Half a day 100%
- others 24 hours 100%
Notice for planned suspension of water supply 4 working days' advance notice 99.95%
Duration of suspension of water supply for planned work 98% within 8 hours Target achieved
Time after receipt of report of burst main for valve closure to enable repair works to start
- for pipe diameter up to 300mm 94% within 1.5 hours 95.87%
75% within 1 hour and 15 minutes Target achieved
- for pipe diameter above 300mm to 600mm 94% within 2.5 hours Target achieved
75% within 2 hours Target achieved
Maximum duration of supply interruption due to fresh water main burst 85% within 8 hours 96.26%
70% within 7 hours Target achieved
Provision of emergency temporary fresh water supply after isolation of burst main 85% within 3 hours iii Target achieved

Account-related Services

Services 2017/18
Taking up of consumership
- in person 15 minutes iv 100%
- by phone 15 minutes iv 99.98%
- by post 7 working days v 100%
- by fax 7 working days v 100%
- by email 7 working days v 100%
Issue of final bill upon closure of account 3 working days 100%
Refund of water deposit 9 working days vi 99.96%
Application for autopay 3 working days vii 100%

Meter-related Services

Services 2017/18
Reply to application for metered supply to new building projects 20 working days 98.24%
Accuracy of water meters Inaccuracy not exceeding ±3% 97.3%
Meter testing 8 working days viii 100%
Accuracy of meter readings 99.95% Target achieved
Fixing of water meters for new accounts 2 working days 100%
Reconnection of water supply 1 working day ix 100%
Issue of meter test report 99% within 3 working days x 100%
Inspection of new building projects 7 working days xi 98.6%
Issue of "Certificate Regarding Water Supply Connection (Form WWO 1005)" 10 calendar days xii 100%

Telephone Enquiry Services

Services 2017/18
Success rate of measurable incoming calls connected to Customer Telephone Enquiry Centre 99% Target achieved
Success rate of calls connected to operators 94% Target achieved
Waiting time for operator service 70% not more than 30 seconds Target achieved

Other Services

Services 2017/18
Application for fishing licence
- by post 3 working days 99.83%
- in person 10 minutes 100%
Interim reply to correspondence from the public 10 calendar days 99.99%
Reply to application for plumber licence 10 working days 99.97%
Conducting publicity campaigns and seminars for promotion of combating unauthorised water consumption 60 nos. Target achieved
Initiating an investigation after receiving a complaint on suspected unauthorised water consumption within one day 85% Target achieved
  1. Minimum residual head in the distribution systems except at their extremities.
  2. Including cases of no fresh water supply; polluted fresh water supply; and internal fresh water pipe burst likely to cause flooding.
  3. Emergency temporary water supply, which will normally not be provided for supply interruptions expected to last for not more than 3 hours, will be provided in the form of standpipes, water tanks or water wagons.
  4. Processing time.
  5. Complete process, including finalising account of the outgoing customer.
  6. The cheque for refund of water deposit will be issued within 9 working days after issue of final bill.
  7. Upon receipt of notification from banks.
  8. From removal of meter to meter test.
  9. After payment has been received.
  10. After the water meter test has been conducted.
  11. Upon report of completion of plumbing works by the licensed plumber.
  12. After
    (a) receipt of application form WWO 132 Pt II;
    (b) the plumbing works have been inspected to the satisfaction of the Water Authority; and
    (c) water supply connection has been made.