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Planned Temporary Water Suspension Notices and Enquiries

Please click below hyperlink to reach the webpage on Temporary Water Suspension Notices posted by the Water Supplies Department at present, and select "Planned" for "Supply Suspension Type".

Please be informed that water supply to the areas/buildings as shown in the notice selected has been /will be temporarily suspended during the period mentioned. Please also note that supply may be restored earlier than scheduled without further notice as soon as the works involved are completed. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Please call our 24-hour WSD Enquiry Hotline if further information is required.

In order to reduce supply interruptions raising from the leakages at and bursts of aged water mains, WSD has launched a comprehensive and systematic programme since December 2000 to replace or rehabilitate about 3,000 kilometres of aged water mains. In the course of these engineering works, planned temporary suspensions of water supply for making pipe connections will be necessary. For more details, please visit Replacement and Rehabilitation of Water Mains Programme.

Notes :

We apologise for any inconvenience caused !