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Water Supply for 2 - storey warehouse through One Stop Centre

Applicant may apply for water supply for 2-storey warehouse through the One Stop Centre (OSC) operated under the former Efficiency Unit (renamed to Efficiency Office on 1 April 2018) with effect from 1 December 2008. The OSC is an option in addition to the existing channels of application. It aims to streamline the application process by setting a centralized office for receiving submissions of building plans and related applications (including technical audit for water supply connection works) and coordinating joint inspections for two-storey warehouses. For small scale building projects, the Water Supplies Department has established the performance pledge that water supply for two-storey warehouses is made available immediately during the joint and final inspection, subject to satisfactory compliance with the Water Authority's requirements. The performance pledge is published at paragraph 3.1.2 of the "Handbook on Plumbing Installation for Buildings". For applicants who would like to join the service, the scope of works must satisfy the criteria specified by the Efficiency Office. For details, please refer to http://www.effo.gov.hk/en/our-work/citizen-centric-services/one-stop-warehouse-construction-permits.html.

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