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Voluntary Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme on Showers for Bathing

WELS on Showers for Bathing

WELS on Showers for Bathing is a voluntary scheme. It adopts a grading type labelling system.

A shower applying for registration under the scheme will be tested to confirm its compliance with the performance requirements specified in the scheme. These include mean spray spread angle, temperature drop and flow controller endurance. In addition, the shower will be designed and manufactured according to a recognised international quality system (such as ISO 9001 or equivalent).

If the criteria can be met, the shower will be rated to a water efficiency grade based on its nominal flow rate determined from the flow rate test in accordance with the following table:

Nominal Flow Rate :
Water Efficiency Grade Symbolic Presentation on the Water Efficiency Label
ƒ ≦ 9.0 Grade 1 1 water droplet  water droplet.
9.0 < ƒ ≦ 12.0 Grade 2 2 water droplets water droplet. water droplet.
12.0 < ƒ ≦ 16.0 Grade 3 3 water droplets water droplet. water droplet. water droplet.
ƒ > 16.0 Grade 4  4 water droplets water droplet. water droplet. water droplet. water droplet.


  1. The fewer droplets, the more water efficient.
  2. Before choosing low flow showers (such as that with Grade 1 water efficiency rating), consumers should check whether their existing showers are operating at low flow condition. This condition may be due to the low water pressure in their premises, e.g. a premises situated at the top floor of a building without pressurization installation. If such condition exists, consumers should choose the suitable showers which generally allow larger water flow in low pressure condition. This will avoid interruption of the water heater operation. It should be noted that showers when used under low water pressure could also play a part in achieving water saving. Should there be any queries about choosing showers, please contact relevant retail shops or water heater suppliers.

The testing methodology and technical standard for showers have made reference to AS/NZS 3662:2013 - Performance of Showers for Bathing with Amendment no. 1 or other equivalent international standards approved by Water Supplies Department. Details of the testing methodology and technical standard are shown in Annex I of the scheme document.

Commencement of Registration to the Scheme

Registration to the scheme commences on 10 September 2009. No application fee will be charged.

Further Information

WELS on Showers for Bathing is detailed in its scheme document.

Any enquiry on the Scheme can be referred to the Water Supplies Department Enquiry Hotline or by fax or by e-mail.

Sample Labels

Sample Label (Full Version).       Sample Label (Simplified Version).
Sample Label (full version)   Sample Label (simplified version)