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Voluntary Continuing Professional Development Scheme for Licensed Plumbers

What is it?

From 11 October 2016, WSD launched the Voluntary Continuing Professional Development Scheme for Licensed Plumbers (hereafter "the Scheme"). It aims at updating knowledge on plumbing issue and uplift professionalism of Licensed Plumbers (LPs).

How to join the scheme?

LPs can apply for CPD programmes /activities organized by Accredited Providers, or participate in one-off Accredited Activities. The activities can be in the form of lecturing courses, workshops, seminars, site visits etc. After completing the CPD programme/activity organized by Accredited Provider, or Accredited Activity organized by interested parties, LPs can achieve CPD credits assigned to that programme/activity.

LPs shall self-administer their CPD records and CPD credits achieved by filling in a personal CPD record form (PDF / Word).


A Certification of Recognition (COR) issued by WSD would be presented to those LPs actively participate in continuous learning activities under the Scheme. It can let the public know those LPs equipped with latest plumbing knowledge through their participation in the Scheme, so as to enhance public's confidence on LP's professionalism.

Three grades of Recognition are provided as shown:-

Gold Silver Bronze
30 CPD credits or more 20 CPD credits or more 10 CPD credits or more
+ at least one core activity related to waterworks-related legislation/regulations

If LPs who have achieved CPD credits submit their personal CPD record forms to WSD during their license renewal, their corresponding recognition statuses will be displayed on the LP directory in WSD's website, so as to recognize the LPs' achievements.

WSD will publish a list of LPs awarded COR and also indicate in the LP directory.

Organizations providing CPD programmes/activities

In order to ensure that quality CPD programme/activities are provided to the LPs, a CPD Course Panel (the Panel) has been set up under the Advisory Board on Licensing of Plumbers to approve applications for accreditation of CPD prgrammes/activities. Eligible organization interested to be an Accredited Provider can submit application to the Panel for consideration at any time throughout the year. The Panel will, based on the submitted documents, decide whether the applicant is eligible as an Accredited Provider. During the accreditation period (normally lasts for 3 years), the performance of Accredited Provider will be subjected to audits by the Panel. The Panel may require the Accredited Provider to rectify any deficiencies identified during the audits.

Other than applying for the status as an Accredited Provider, any organization can make application to the Panel for holding a one-off Accredited Activity for LPs. Such application can also be made to the Panel at any time throughout the year.

Details of the Scheme

For more details of the scheme, please refer to the Scheme Manual below.

For more details of the accreditation to organisations, please see the Manual of Accredited Provider.

If you have any enquiry about the voluntary CPD scheme for LPs, please call 2824 5000 or email to wsdinfo@wsd.gov.hk