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In-situ Reprovisioning of Sha Tin Water Treatment Works – South Works – Advance Works and Main Works


The project is to increase the treatment capacity of the South Works of Sha Tin water treatment works from 364 000 cubic metres per day to 550 000 cubic metres per day to meet the anticipated increase in fresh water demand due to progressive implementation of new public and private housing developments and to reprovision the aged water treatment facilities of the South Works.


The Project comprises the in-situ reprovisioning of South Works of Sha Tin Water Treatment Works and has been implemented in 2 Stages – Advance Works and Main Works.

  1. The Advance Works include the site formation for the administration building, construction of a logistics centre, a hydro-turbine house, access roads and reprovisioning of the power house, etc (under Contract No. 3/WSD/15) Click for Scope of Advance Works and Facts; and
  2. The Mains Works include the site formation for the remaining works, construction of new access roads and improvement to existing access road, reprovisioning of the administration building, the residual management facility, the South Works pumping station and treatment processing units, etc. Click for Scope of Main Works.

The Advance Works commenced in October 2015 and will be completed in December 2018 while the Main Works is under design.

Project Facts and Figures


Sha Tin WTW has adopted an innovative design approach and incorporated various sustainable features for optimization of the plant operation.


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The Project Video of the Sha Tin WTW was awarded “Honors” in the 22nd Annual International QUESTAR Awards under the category of Corporation: Stakeholder Communications.

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