1. Name

The International Water Association Regional Committee of Hong Kong, China (IWAHK) (Chinese translation:國 際 水 協 中 國 香 港 地 區 委 員 會).

2. Objectives

The IWAHK representing the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) of the People's Republic of China (PRC) is a Governing Member of the International Water Association (IWA). The IWAHK is established to represent all interests in the water sector in the HKSAR including industry, government, academia/research, consultants, contractors and suppliers, and to coordinate all IWA activities in the HKSAR.

3. Membership

The Members of the IWAHK shall comprise all Corporate, University and Individual Members (including Student Members) of the IWA in the HKSAR as far as possible and shall cover adequate representations from all different sectors including government departments, academics, consultants and contractors.

4. Rights of Governing Membership

The IWAHK shall be the IWA Governing Member representing the HKSAR under the name of Hong Kong, China and shall have the following rights:

5. Duties of IWAHK

Being the IWA Governing Member representing the HKSAR under the name of Hong Kong, China, the IWAHK undertakes the following duties:

6. Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (EC) of the IWAHK shall be responsible for the management and administration of the IWAHK. The EC shall consist of the Chairman, the Vice Chairman, a maximum of eight Co-opted Members, the Treasurer and the Secretary.

7. Chairman

The Director of Water Supplies (DWS) representing Water Supplies Department (WSD) of the Government of the HKSAR (HKSARG) shall be the Chairman of the EC of the IWAHK.

8. Responsibilities of the Chairman

To ensure that the IWAHK is able to discharge its duties, the Chairman, upon consultation with the EC, shall be responsible for:

9. Co-opted Members

The Chairman shall invite and appoint a maximum of eight IWA Individual Members or nominated representatives of IWA Corporate Members from various components of the water sector in the HKSAR to act as Co-opted Members of the EC of the IWAHK to ensure full representation of the interests of all components of the sector. These components shall include but not limited to academia/research from universities, relevant government bureaux/departments, consultants, manufacturers, contractors and suppliers. The terms of the Co-opted Members shall normally be two years.

10. Executive Committee Meeting

The EC Meeting shall normally be held at least once every calendar year. The Chairman shall notify each EC member in writing or by e-mail of the time and place at least two weeks in advance of the EC Meeting.

11. General Meetings

The General Meeting (GM) shall be held at least every two calendar years. The Chairman shall notify each member in writing or by e-mail of the time and place at least three weeks in advance of the GM.

12. Amendment to this Constitution

A proposal to amend the Constitution of the IWAHK may be made by any member of the IWAHK. Amendments shall be made at the EC Meeting or General Meeting (GM). The text of the proposed amendment must be submitted in writing to the Secretary, who shall ensure the proposal is included in the agenda for the next EC Meeting or GM. The text of the amendment should be circulated to all EC members no later than two weeks before the EC Meeting or three weeks before the GM. Upon consultation with the EC, the Chairman shall make the decision on whether any proposal for the amendment of this Constitution shall be decided by the GM.