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Water Conservation Education

Education on Water Conservation

The Water Supplies Department (WSD) strives to promote water conservation to the public through various channels. In particular, WSD has devoted much effort to school education with the aim of nurturing a water conservation culture amongst the younger generation. WSD launched the “Water: Learn & Conserve – Teaching Kit for Liberal Studies” for secondary education in 2011 and “Cherish Water Campus” Integrated Education Programme for primary schools in 2015/16 school year, as well as further extended the pilot "Cherish Water Campus" Kindergarten Education Programme to kindergartens in 2017/18 school year. All three programmes provide a wide range of resources and interactive activities facilitating learning in a progressive way enable students get to know more about water as a precious resource and necessity for sustaining life on earth thereby inspiring them to think about the principle of saving water and develop civic responsibility.

H2OPE Centre
Cherish Water Campus Kindergarten Education Programme - kindergarten
Cherish Water Campus Integrated Education Programme - Primary School
Water: Learn and Conserve - Liberal Studies - Secondary School