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Performance Pledge

We launched the performance pledge scheme in 1993 and have since announced our performance achievements annually. You will find in this booklet a complete list of our achievements in 2017/18, our targets for 2018/19 and highlights of our major public relations activities in 2017/18.

For Daily Water Supply Services and Telephone Enquiry Services, service performance is measured by achievement of targets in terms of quality levels or standard times involved.

For Account-related Services, Meter-related Services and Other Services, targets are stipulated in minutes for services provided at our Customer Enquiry Centres or through the telephone and in working days / calendar days for services not provided through these channels.

Effective Monitoring

To ensure customer satisfaction, various service-monitoring mechanisms have been adopted to help us pursue continuous improvement in our customer services. Customers are welcome to express their comments on our service standards through various channels, such as our telephone hotline, fax, Customer Enquiry Centres, the Internet, WSD Mobile App, commendation and suggestion forms, regular customer opinion surveys, etc.

Performance Pledge 2017/18