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City Dress Up Programme: WSD Mural Project -《Water Save Dream》

To tie in with the celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the establishment of the HKSAR, the Water Supplies Department (WSD) collaborates with the Hong Kong Arts Centre in organising a mural project. Furthermore, community art workshops have been held for public participation in order to educate the participants on the history and development of water supply in Hong Kong, and to give the participants a firsthand experience on art creation so as to raise the participation and coherence of the community.

The mural "Water Save Dream", which is now on display at the fencing wall of WSD Hong Kong Islands and Regional Office, was designed by artists Sim Chan and Stanley Siu. The artwork, blending traditional landscape painting style with modern elements, portrays the impounding reservoirs and other landmark waterworks installations in Hong Kong, which signifies the WSD’s contribution to the city.

Please visit 《Water Save Dream》 website for more details.

mural (photo 1)

mural (photo 2)

mural (photo 3)

mural (photo 4)

mural (photo 5)

Community Art Workshops

“Kids Meet Shan Shui” Art Workshop

“Kids Meet Shan Shui” Art Workshop (Photo 1)

“Kids Meet Shan Shui” Art Workshop (Photo 2)

“Kids Meet Shan Shui” Art Workshop (Photo 3)