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WELS on Washing Machine - How to Apply

All manufacturers, importers and other related parties in the washing machines business are welcome and encouraged to participate in the Scheme. The applicant can apply for WELS registration jointly or separately with Mandatory EELS / Voluntary EELS.

Joint Application for EELS and WELS

For joint application for participation in both the Mandatory EELS / Voluntary EELS and this Scheme at the same time, the application shall first be submitted to EMSD:

Address: Energy Efficiency Office
Electrical and Mechanical Services Department
3 Kai Shing Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Fax number: 2890 6081
Email address: eepublic@emsd.gov.hk

The participant should indicate his/her intention of putting up joint application for participation in the Mandatory EELS / Voluntary EELS and WELS by completing the 'Supplementary Form 1 ' of WELS as given in Annex 6 of the scheme document. Upon completion of the processing for EELS by EMSD, the relevant application information will be transferred to the Water Supplies Department (WSD) for continuation of processing for WELS.

Separate Application for WELS

Separate application will be accepted from participants of the Mandatory EELS / Voluntary EELS.



Steps to follow:

  1. Click related system link to go to the e-Application System.
  2. Create a user account if new to the System.
  3. Select “New Application” under WELS and choose the product type to apply for WELS.
  4. Follow the screens and complete information required (such as company information, product information, supporting documents, participant’s obligations and any supplementary information).
  5. You should have already appointed an accredited testing laboratory to conduct relevant testing for the product. Select that laboratory from the list in the System.  Complete the remaining steps and submitted this initial application.  The selected laboratory will be notified by an email with a system link to upload the test report to the System.  AFTER the laboratory has done so, you will be alerted by another email to login the system to review the test report.  If everything is in order, please submit this whole application.
  6. Your part is done. We will work on your application and inform you the result in due course.

For any questions, please call 3583 4125 or 3583 4147.

Mail, fax or email

Application documents for WELS can be submitted by means of an application letter and documentary proof of the registered washing machine under the Mandatory EELS / Voluntary EELS through post, fax or email to WSD:

Address: 47/F, Immigration Tower
7 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Fax number: 2824 0578
Email address: wsdinfo@wsd.gov.hk

The test report for all the relevant tests related to WELS should also be submitted.

The proforma letter of application proforma application letter  is attached to the scheme document. It can also be downloaded from WSD's website. The scheme document also lists out the information required to be submitted with the application, including company information, product information and detailed test report for participation in the Mandatory EELS / Voluntary EELS.

After submission of all necessary information, the applicant will be notified of the result within 17 working days. If the application is accepted, WSD will issue a registration certificate and the soft copy of the water efficiency labels (full and simplified versions) to the successful applicant. The successful applicant can then produce the labels and affix the respective labels to the washing machine or its packing.

Details of the washing machine registered under this Scheme will be kept in a register maintained by WSD. The register will be uploaded to WSD's website for public information.