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WELS on Flow Controllers - How to Apply

All manufacturers, importers and other related parties in the flow controller business are welcome to participate in the scheme.

Application for registration can be submitted through mail, fax or email to Water Supplies Department (WSD):

Address : 47/F, Immigration Tower, 7 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Fax number : 2824 0578
Email address : wsdinfo@wsd.gov.hk

The applicant shall apply for registration using the proforma letter of application  attached to the Scheme Document. In addition, the following information shall be submitted for approval:

  1. Information of the company, i.e. name, address, telephone number, fax number, email address, website address, contact person, and sale distribution network (e.g. names and addresses of the distributor(s)), etc.
  2. Information of the flow controller being applied for registration in the Scheme, i.e. brand name, model no. and/or name, catalogue (if available) and two photos clearly showing the front and side views of the flow controller.
  3. Proposed commencement date to affix the Label to flow controller (Year _____, Month _____).
  4. Documentary proof that the design (if any) and production system for the flow controller is operating according to a recognized international quality system (such as ISO 9001).
  5. Detailed test report in accordance with the reporting requirements specified in Annex 1 of the scheme document. The test report shall be issued by a recognized laboratory complying with the requirement in Section 8 of the scheme document. The required information requested in Sections A5, B6 and C5 of Annex 1 of the scheme document have to be provided in a single section of the test report.
  6. Statement on whether the testing laboratory has satisfied the requirements of Section 8 the scheme document.
Note: Company's chop should be stamped on all the document front covers/pages provided. All test reports submitted to the Water Supplies Department (WSD) should be certified as true copy. Upon the request of WSD, the participant is required to provide the original copy of the test reports for perusal.

After submission of all necessary information, the applicant will be notified of the result within 17 working days. If the application is accepted, WSD will issue a registration certificate and the soft copy of the water efficiency label to the successful applicant. The successful applicant can then produce the labels and affix/print the respective labels to the flow controller or its packing or a swing tag securely fastened to the product/packing.

Details of the flow controller registered under this scheme will be kept in a register maintained by WSD. The register will be uploaded to WSD's website for public information.