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Search Tips

By properly entering the search parameters, users can search information on approved water supply pipes & fittings and apparatuses by a few clicks of mouse.

Under the categories, "Taps, Mixers and Valves", "Pipes and Pipe Fittings", "Water Heaters" and "Materials", user could select the fitting type first and then enter other searching parameters to quickly search for the product required. For instance, the selection of Fitting Type of "Valves" and Brand Name starts with "AB" will list all the valves with brand name AB, ABASS, ABBSS, ABCSS and so on.

Leave any search parameter blank will list all the fittings that meet the criteria in the other parameters entered. Depending on the number of records in the database, the retrieval time may take few minutes to complete. It is recommended to limit the scope of search by providing as much information as possible so as to avoid listing too many unrelated records.

Before any new search, please press the "Reset" button first to clear the parameters of the previous record.