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About the Search Directory

This directory lists out all water supply pipes and fittings, water heaters and materials which possess valid General Acceptance (GA) issued by the Water Authority. It is designed to provide consumers and practitioners with the useful information of these products which are found to have complied with, and their use when correctly installed does not contravene, the Waterworks Ordinance and Regulations. This directory, however, is not intended to substitute the general acceptance letters of the products issued by the Water Authority.

Search by General Acceptance Reference No.

If the General Acceptance Reference No. is known, simply enter the General Acceptance Reference No. and press the "Search" button, the product information, together with the GA letter, would be displayed.

Simple Search and Advanced Search

The products in this directory are organised under the categories of "Taps, Mixers and Valves", "Pipes and Pipe Fittings", "Water Heaters" and "Materials". Upon selection of a category item, more options would be available in the pull-down menu for selection. Same as the "Simple Search" button, the "Advanced Search" button allows more selections to narrow down the targetted items. When a unique item was selected, the valid GA letter would be displayed, otherwise a table showing all the searched items would be displayed for further selection, simply click on the selected item and the relevant GA letter would be displayed.

The "Search Tips" button on the search screen provides details on settings of the search parameters.

Comments on the search directory are welcome and can be sent to the WSD via e-mail.