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Equivalent Qualification

"Equivalent" means equivalent in the opinion of the Water Authority. Examples of equivalent qualification are as follows:-


Note 1: This route will only be valid up to 30 Jun 2025.

Note 2: For local qualification awarded in or after 2020, the programme shall be recognised under Qualifications Framework and registered in the Qualifications Register (QR) (www.hkqr.gov.hk).  For local qualification awarded before 2020, the qualification shall be awarded by the education institutes registered/established under the relevant legislation (e.g Vocational Training Council).  Overseas qualification may be accepted provided that the applicant can provide a qualifications assessment issued by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ) to demonstrate that the level of overseas qualification is comparable to the relevant level of Qualifications Framework in Hong Kong.

Note 3: Relevant engineering field includes building services, civil, electrical, fire services, mechanical and plumbing.

Note 4: For RPL qualifications in Pipe Installation (QF level 3) and Pipe Repair and Maintenance (QF level 3), the means of assessment shall be interview.  For details on obtaining the qualification via RPL, please refer to the following link and contact Qualifications Framework (QF) Secretariat at 3793 3955.