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Water Intelligent Network (WIN)


We are progressively establishing the Water Intelligent Network (WIN). Under WIN, the water distribution network will be divided into about 2000 discrete District Metering Areas (DMAs) and associated Pressure Management Areas (PMAs) of manageable size with high-technology monitoring and sensing equipment installed in each DMA and PMA network. A tremendous amount of flow and pressure data as well as other associated network data will be collected from such monitoring and sensing equipment. To enable effective management of the data collected, we are planning to establish an intelligent network management computer system for analysing the data collected for continuous (and where necessary real-time) monitoring of the condition of the network. Implementation of WIN will enable problematic DMAs and PMAs to be prioritised for follow-up actions according to their degree of water loss. WIN will also enable determination of the most suitable network management measures with a view to maintaining the healthiness of the network.

Project Scope

The works for WIN under 9196WC comprise -

  1. investigation, design and construction of chambers, pipeworks and other associated works for establishment of about 600 District Metering Areas (DMAs) and Pressure Management Areas (PMAs) throughout the territory; and
  2. procurement and establishment of an intelligent network management system and development of associated analytical tools.

Project Website (if any)


Current Progress

The works stated in paragraph 1 above are in progress.

The works stated in paragraph 2 above are in progress.

Project Office in WSD

Project Management Division


Black & Veatch Hong Kong Limited:

Meinhardt (Hong Kong) Limited:


10/WSD/16 - Construction of Pressure Management and District Metering Installations for the Fresh Water Distribution Systems of the Kowloon East and Sha Tin Major Supply Zones