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The Waterworks (Amendment) Ordinance 2024 (the Ordinance)


There is currently no provision in the Waterworks Ordinance (Cap. 102) (WWO) and the Waterworks Regulations (Cap. 102A) (WWR) to empower the Water Authority (WA) to compel the provision of information in relation to suspected water overcharging cases. There is also no provision that requires a person who charges another person for using water to give a receipt and keep a copy of the receipt.  It is therefore difficult for the WA to obtain sufficient evidence to support prosecution against the suspect for overcharging for water under the WWO.  Also, the existing penalty of the offence is inadequate to achieve the desired deterrent effect.

The Ordinance was gazetted and came into force on 19 April 2024, covering amendments to strengthen the power of the WA in evidence collection and information disclosure, as well as for increasing the penalty level for water overcharging so as to enhance enforcement efficiency and deterrent effect against offenders.

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