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Pipe Fittings with GA* (ALL Items in GA Letter are with GA* unless other specified in GA* Remark)

Please download GA* Scheme Document for more details.

Type Brand GA* Items
Brass compression fittings Lawton B20170019
Copper and copper alloys fittings with compression ends Kembla C20160833
Copper adaptor fittings with end feed capillary Eagle C20160611
Copper fittings with end feed connection Lawton B20160054
Copper integral soldering end fittings Kembla C20160048
Copper end feed fittings Kembla C20160047
Copper and copper alloy fittings with end feed compression end Deco C20150221
Copper alloy fittings with compression end Deco C20150202
Copper fittings Eagle A20150007
Copper alloy fittings with connection ends Conex A20170002
Copper alloy (brass) fittings with end feed connection ends tub-e C20150201
Copper fittings with solder ring connection ends tub-e C20160800
Copper alloy fittings with compression joint OPAL C20160377
Stainless steel press fittings >B< Press Inox B20150066


Valves with GA* (ALL items in the GA Letter are with GA*)

Type Brand GA* Items
Copper alloy gate valve Wealthmark C20161141
Copper alloy loose jumper stopcock VIR C20161128
Gate valve Conex B20160164
Copper alloy (brass) gate valve with compression ends Deco C20160041
Bronze-gunmetal loose jumper stop valve Wealthmark C20150011
Gunmetal gate valve Wealthmark C20150001
Gunmetal gate valve Wealthmark C20140126
Gate valve Toyo C20130075