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Application for Water Supply Pipes and Fittings Approval

A pipe or fitting shall comply with a prescribed specification in accordance with the Waterworks Regulations.

Water supply pipes and fittings accepted by this Authority for installation and use in inside services or fire services should be under one of the following categories:

  1. Water supply pipes and fittings marked in accordance with the appropriate British Standard and bearing the registered certification trade mark of the British Standards Institution (the B.S. Kitemark).
  2. Water supply pipes and fittings accepted and certified by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme of U.K. for compliance with the requirements of The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations/Scottish Water Byelaws in UK.
  3. Water supply pipes and fittings approved by this Authority as suitable for use locally in conformity with the Waterworks Ordinance and Regulations.

To obtain approval for the installation and use of pipes or fittings in inside service or fire service covered by the Waterworks Ordinance/Waterworks Regulations from this Authority, you are required to produce one set of certification or test reports confirming their compliance with the relevant British Standard as listed on WSD webpage from either (a) the British Standards Institution, (b) the U.K. Water Regulations Advisory Scheme or (c) accredited laboratories acceptable to this Authority.

For (a) and (b), please ensure that the pipes and fittings are tested against the relevant British Standard as listed on WSD webpage.

For (c), please note that this Authority will accept laboratories accredited by the Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (HOKLAS) under the following sub-categories:-

Category Sub-category
Construction Materials
  1. Metallic materials
  2. Pipes
  3. Showers
  4. Tapwares and valves

Please visit the website of HOKLAS for more information on the accredited laboratories under the aforementioned sub-categories at:

The accredited laboratories can give you advice on the testing requirements as soon as they have details of your pipes and fittings.

Application for General Acceptance (GA)

WSD issues General Acceptance (GA) Letter to the pipes and fittings required to be reported in Annex to Form WWO46. For the items to be reported in Annex to WWO 46, please visit:
Annex to Form WWO 46

Please note that WSD will NOT issue general acceptance to the fitting not required to be reported in Annex to Form WWO 46.

When you submit your GA application, you are required to send us:-

  1. Covering letter signed by the applicant or stamped with the company chop;
  2. Signed application form (download PDF / Word Form);
  3. Relevant supporting document (3 options, please refer to Notes of application form); and
  4. Two identical copies of the catalogue/fact sheet Note 1 of the pipes and fittings.

No application fee is required.

Please send the application submission in hard copy by post to "Material Control Unit, Water Supplies Department" at the following address: Room 4705, 47/F, Immigration Tower, 7 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong. Please also mark "Application for Pipes and Fittings Approval" on the envelope.


  1. Catalogue/fact sheets shall explicitly provide the following information, preferable with the paper size not larger than A4 - name of the manufacturer, full address of the factory, brand and model reference, a description of fitting, size of the fitting inlet as well as body markings on the product. Images and sectional drawings of the fitting, body marking for identification and diagrams with dimensions indicated clearly for visualization are also required.

Voluntary "General Acceptance Plus"("GA+") Scheme

The "General Acceptance Plus"("GA+") Scheme is a voluntary scheme built on the existing General Acceptance ("GA") System. The scheme encourages quality assurance in the manufacturing stage of plumbing products. All pipes and fittings under the current GA System and new application are also eligible to apply for the "GA+"Scheme. In addition to the supporting documents for the GA application, GA applicants who wish to join the voluntary "GA+"Scheme are required to submit quality assurance information of their plumbing products in the manufacturing stage. After acceptance by the WSD, the quality assurance information of the GA product will be posted on the Directory Search of the WSD website for Water Supply Pipes and Fittings with Valid General Acceptance.

Please note that our Department will consider the quality assurance information under the following categories:-

  1. Valid Certificate showing compliance to a "Quality Management System" with the scope of the certificate on the plumbing product concerned, e.g. ISO9001 or equivalent.
  2. Valid Certificate of a well recognized "Product Certification" scheme for the plumbing product concerned.

For existing GA products, interested applicants for "GA+" Scheme shall complete the application form below and return to WSD. For new GA applications, please submit application of "GA+" Scheme by GA application form above.

Top-up Test Requirement for General Acceptance with effective on 1 Sept 2017

The Technical Committee on Plumbing has endorsed in Jan 2017 to strengthen the material testing requirements in the application for General Acceptance (GA). For plumbing products with metallic material in direct contact with water intended for potable use, a test report issued by an accredited laboratory on metal chemical composition test shall be submitted to show compliance to the relevant British Standard.

In this connection, with effective on 1 Sept 2017, a top up test requirement will be applied to New GA application via the following certificates:

  1. the B.S. Kitemark; or
  2. the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) of U.K.

The supporting test report for metal chemical composition shall be submitted in the GA application. GA applicants can contact the accredited laboratories for the required chemical composition tests. Relevant test reports issued by (i) and (ii) above showing compliance would also be accepted.

Voluntary Labeling Scheme for Approved Plumbing Products

At present, the WSD has a General Acceptance (GA) system in place to pre-approve plumbing products used in new plumbing projects. To obtain a GA status, a supplier should submit either test results of a sample of its product or certificate issued by authoritative certification bodies to prove conformity of the product to the statutory standards. If the submission is acceptable, the WSD will include that product into its pre-approved list. Builders can use it in new plumbing projects before the GA expiry date of that project (normally 5 years).

The WSD has worked in collaboration with the plumbing suppliers to launch a voluntary labeling scheme for GA products in the retail market. Under the scheme, a supplier is required to affix a label onto the product packaging or display panel of the GA product which has joined the scheme. With the label, the public can readily distinguish GA products from other products. Besides, each label contains a QR code for retrieval of useful information about the product such as its country of origin, GA expiry date, quality assurance details etc.

The first stage of the voluntary labeling scheme for water taps and mixers is open for application starting 1 April 2017. The scheme is applicable to both new and existing GA products. Interested GA applicants shall complete the application form below and return to WSD. For new GA applications, please submit together with the GA application form.

Surveillance Programme for the General Acceptance System

At present, the WSD has a General Acceptance (GA) system in place to pre-approve plumbing products used in new plumbing projects. BS EN ISO/IEC 17067 sets out the key elements of a product certification scheme, which are good pointers for enhancement of the material approval system. Amongst others, surveillance is an element to maintain the validity of the statement of conformity.

To further enhance the conformity of plumbing products with the GA requirements, the WSD implements a surveillance programme for GA products. For details, please refer to WSD Circular Letter No. 8/2017 in the link below:-