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Shing Mun Reservoir and
Lower Shing Mun Reservoir

The Shing Mun Reservoir and the Lower Shing Mun Reservoir, located in the Shing Mun Country Park at the south-eastern mountain foot of Tai Mo Shan. Plans for construction of the Shing Mun Water Supply Scheme were formulated in 1923 and rolled out in three phases. The Shing Mun Reservoir was the first reservoir transferring the storage from Kowloon to the Hong Kong Island. The Lower Shing Mun Reservoir, commissioned in 1965, forms part of the Plover Cove Scheme. The two reservoirs have a total storage capacity of 17.58 million cubic metres.

The reservoirs are surrounded by green hills and luxuriant vegetation. The area is a major afforestation in Hong Kong.