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Shek Pik Reservoir

The Shek Pik Reservoir is located in the Lantau Country Park. To its east is Kau Nga Ling, to its west is Keung Shan, to its north are Muk Yue Shan and Sz Tsz Tau Shan. Construction work commenced in 1957 and was completed in 1963. The reservoir intercepts and gathers the gully water flowing from the neighbouring mountain ridges on its three sides. With a storage capacity of 24 million cubic metres, it was once the largest reservoir in Hong Kong during the 1960's.

The reservoir is far from the urban areas with beautiful scenery. Precipitous mountain slopes and rocks along the banks make it a unique landscape. Large scale afforestation work also took place around the catchment area. There is also a piece of ancient stone inscription from the Bronze Age at the hillside to the east of the main dam.