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Water Supply for New Buildings

Before applying formally for water supply, please check the lease condition of the development to confirm whether mains water supply would be available. You can write to the Water Authority and indicate briefly your requirements with the exact location of the development marked on a block plan.

If provision of water supply is feasible, details of the requirements will be sent to you for preparation of plumbing proposals. The plumbing proposals should be sent together with completed application Form WWO 542 to the Water Authority. Alternatively, you can submit your application via our electronic services delivered in our website.

Plumbing works must NOT commence until the plumbing proposals have been approved by this Department in writing. Your licensed plumber is required to submit Form WWO 46 to the Water Authority for confirmation of the compliance of the pipes and fittings to be installed. These proposals will then be studied, and should it be necessary you will be asked to have them modified.

You should employ a licensed plumber to install all pipework and fittings for the supply of mains water.

When the plumbing work has been completed, your licensed plumber should inform the Water Authority as soon as possible using Form WWO 46. Mains supply will be connected when the plumbing work has been inspected and found satisfactory and after you have paid the water deposit and the charges for the connection work and meter installation.

During the processing period, you can use our electronic services to enquire the status of your application.

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